Proper 20th C soldiers

This may be a bit of a work-heavy request, but seriously. It’s about time we had some decent-looking, proper soldiers to pose with. The CS models are shit. The CoD4 models aren’t particularly versatile. Reskinned HL2 cits lack detail and just don’t cut it, and Bill from L4D is a) too old and b) wearing his uniform in a pretty shabby way.

I was planning on doing a Vietnam War pose, but right now there’s absolutely nothing worth using and the usual solution of hacking models together hasn’t produced anything close.

Really, all I ask is that someone takes the time to model a soldier from the ground up, wearing a fairly generic uniform (M65 in OD or jungle green perhaps) so it can easily be reskinned to suit various nations at various periods of time. Stuff like rolled sleeves, backpacks, signaller’s packs, flak jackets, bush hats, slouchies, berets, caps, etc. can be bodygrouped, separate, whatever. Fuck, you can not bother for all I care - as long as someone does the base ragdoll well. Webbing should be a fairly standard combat load for the late 60s-80s (as in, pick a time between then or bodygroup a couple of types), and bodygrouped. L4D-like detail for faceposing would be nice but not absolutely essential; detailed and properly-rigged hands would.

Refs should be easy to find, but here are some to get you started:

It doesn’t matter worth a damn whose uniform you work off, as long as it’s not something really obviously belonging to a certain country and that country only, or obviously belonging to a specific few years (i.e. recently redesigned uniforms, which is why this is a separate request from my DPCU one). Also make sure they look like they’re actually out field, not on parade.

I know it’s a fair workload, but it’s sorely needed.

Wholeheartedly agree.

vietnam soldiers?DO WANT!!!

I also agree.


Did you even read the thread? He said reskinned civs don’t do the job, looking at those models you linked I’d have to agree.

I’m so glad you can read.

I specifically said NOT those ones. Try using your eyes and your brain before your fingers next time.

Are you blind? Those aren’t reskinned citizens.

No, you didn’t. You only said that you don’t want CSS models, CoD4 models, reskinned citizens and Bill. Those don’t fit in any of the categories.

I’m pretty sure that’s clear enough

Not to mention those vietnam models don’t look very accurate at all, no webbing, just a belt and a canteen… oh and Olive drab.

No one is going to spend time to model something like a soldier from scratch if it can be done by hacking some stuff together and it will look pretty much the same.

Thats why the only Vietnam thing in that pack is the DOD faced guys. Last time i’m ever going to help someone on the request from. :uhaul:


Too bad none of them do. I strongly doubt hacking shit together will produce anything close enough, because it certainly hasn’t so far. I’m asking for something which is screenshot quality right off the bat, not after four hours of photoshop and another two of coming up with excuses for the various things which are still wrong.

I dunno if some dudes with helmets and body armour of some sort qualify as '60s-era US soldiers to you guys, but they don’t to me. It’s like reskinning a T-55 and passing it off as a T-34; it might work for you, but for those of us who know the difference, it just looks odd.


christ this place has the worst priorities. ask for some shitty samey anime model and people will jump on board like it’s going out of style (we can only hope). ask for something actually useful, and nothing.


I was kinda planning on doing some vietnam era soldiers after I’m done with the suits. Again, they’re not new models, they’re from Kane & Lynch, but the clothing they have is really similar to the uniforms US soldiers wore in vietnam.

How similar is really similar?

Well, the base uniform looks pretty similar to me:

The gear and webbings are more of a problem though, cause the models in K&L have some really modern gear, but I think I could come up with something. I can also get some fitting looking fragmentation vests from the RE5 STARS models, they look pretty much the same (of course I’d have to fix the fucked up proportions that everything in RE5 has). Helmet shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, that actually looks pretty decent. With some texture work, it would look more or less spot on.

If possible, bodygrouping on the vest and on the head would be good - better yet would be a bushie as well as a helmet or bare (as seen in the three most recent photos). I’ve got a 6 RAR pose that wants making.

I’m planning on having it set up so there’s separate models with and without the frag vest, with different sleeves (full, rolled up and stuff) as bodygroups and maybe some different gear on the vest-less one as bodygroups too. And a couple different types of helmets and headwear as bodygroups too.

Sweet, finally we’ll be able to make proper Korea/Vietnam poses, and I’ll have some ghetto-rig Argies for Falklands ones too :toot: