Proper BDU uniform and PASGT equipment

Hi guys, I’m trying to make a 1991 1st Persian ulf War marines, but I have a problem - no good BDU model. I reskinned the Rusty’s National Guard, but this model is completely shit.
I’m looking for someone who could give me a proper model of BDU uniform.

Also, some PASGT equipment would be nice too (optional)

It needs to be rigged and fit citizen head model. Model can be ported or modeled - whatever.

Here you go with some reference pics:




Vest (I would like to have it with that shitty pads):


And helmet (with that helmet cover and “cat eyes”)


Woah, a huge request. So, anyone?

That’s just the cover, not the actual vest. The ‘shitty pads’ if you mean the green parts are the tops of the pockets folded over outside the cover.

They only ever made the vests themselves in olive drab or M81 woodland, which is why they had covers.

Hell, I didn’t notice :v: Thanks.