Proper bridge building in Rust - A Bridge Over Troubled Water

After seeing all the eyesore floor/wall ladders people were building to get across water, I decided to build a proper bridge a couple days ago and wanted to share it here. It’s on the Washington server all the way on the west side of the map, perhaps a little to the northwest. Took about 2-3 hours to complete with only myself building it.


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Also, I was trying to record a video tutorial on how to make the bridge but DXtory seems to not work with experimental rust as it did in legacy… any suggestions on how to record a video in experimental rust? Shadowplay is not an option, unfortunately.

WTFF, NICEEE!!! The foundations work in midle of river WTF oO

looks good man. Was the water here relatively shallow or did you just do a lot of scuba diving to get it done?

That’s neat.

Shit like this is the reason I don’t understand how anyone could think Legacy is better.

Good job.

It was pretty deep in the middle and required alot of scuba diving to lay the plans/hit with hammer 9 times and repeat after drying off. also had to build temporary service ramp ladders in the bridge about every 10 sections so i could get out of the water quick enough without dying.

OMG, you should make a video!!!

Great Job Mate, needs more lanterns :slight_smile:

Nice work! Been trying to do this and still not as good as yours! :slight_smile:

“put your in his anus”

Best clan names ever.

I Wanted to make a video showing how to make a bridge like this, but I cannot get DXTory to record in rust experimental… worked fine in legacy though.

Can anyone suggest a good program to record gameplay that works in the experimental rust? Shadowplay is not an option, unfortunately (only GTX480, shadowplay works on 600 series or greater)

It’s half lantern/half campfire along the railing right now. Looks fucking awesome at night time with everything lit up!

This is awesome! I have made quite a few elaborate builds, but not had much success in water, I always seem to drown before I get very far. Would love to see a video once you figure it out. Would also love to do some collaborative building together at some point… :wink:

It’s half lantern/half campfire along the railing right now. Looks fucking awesome at night time with everything lit up!

Get pics :slight_smile:

I just tried to get pics and try another recording program, but the Washington server was pulled just now… right after I harvested 100000 wood to keep the fires going all day, lol

Fraps can record in Rust Experimental so you know. :smiley:

Great work on the bridge.

a very functional and well designed build

simplicity trumps the fancy

Great work Mate, creating stuff like this is always inspiring to others. Now to get the developers to put sharks in the water.

If you posted this a day sooner I bet it would have been on todays Community Update.

Awesome job man! =)

For recording, check here:
Dxtory is supported. What version were you trying to use?

2.0.122 is the current version i have. havent update for a while, perhaps that is the problem. thanks for the support list!

edit: looks like 2.0.126+ is the supported versions(s) for DXtory. updating now!