Proper filex.Append and file.Write module?

Is it possible for someone to write a proper filex.Append and file.Write function with a module?

The filex.Append reads the file before writing to it with the function ( file.Write ), this could be a problem with massive files which can be around 200MB+ from logging etc.

So instead of reading the file, just writing to it? Could someone do it?

Why would you need a file with 200MB anyway why not just use SetPDate tmysql you have other resources you know you’re not limited to just file.Writing() (Which we have enough of anyway).

Just use my module until garry fixes it, Unless you are expecting that your server will be compromised between now and a week.
And that person will find a way to compromise your system from a user account and only by appending to .txt files

Why would you want to use HDD space rather then tmysql space seems kinda dumb to me, you and buggzie.

Explain to use what this magic tmysql space is you speak of! It seems like an endless supply of storage space you have hidden from us for all these years.