Proper Finger Rigging for Blender Help!

Hey everyone! Looking for some serious help so I can finalize my models:

Specifically for Blender, is there anyone experienced with it (or similar) to show me a tutorial or the steps required to properly rig fingers to the ValveBiPed.

What I’ve read from 3dsmax and other blender tutorials is that you some how move VALVES bones to your models finger locations and then (you do something??) you either in blender apply bones as rest position (but you don’t rotate them (?) not sure what you do in 3DS max) and then it’s supposed to work fine (below are pictures of what my problem is).

The fingers work alright in other animations, but for some reason when the bones move, the fingers just dont transform correctly, it seems so out of place and weird. Any fixes? Suggestions? I wanna get cranking on many models, but this is setting me back hard!

Solved: If you’re lining up bones from the valve biped to the Gmod Model make sure that the X Axis (Red Line) points in the direction the bones are connecting to in the order from previous bone to new bone (hand to finger, finger to tip of finger, etc…). Make sure Y (Green Line) is facing upwards, and the Z (Blue Line) is facing forward. I forgot this and it messed all the fingers up because I moved them manually. This fixed them.

I’ve been trying to figure this out myself for some time, thanks for the info!