Proper Instruments in-game


The acoustic guitar is already awesome. So I wanted to suggest adding more instruments, and also a proper way of playing actual songs. Controlling the pitch by changing the angle is fun to make “noise”, but you can’t really play anything this way. It would be really cool if there would be some sort of HUD or special UI for instruments where one could play specific chords and notes with the keyboard (the num pad for instance).

Just-for-fun features can make this game even more awesome, and I hope my suggestion will be considered!

I want a Piano just like in GMod.

lol, I want to start the Rust String Quartet - we could build a Pavilion to hold weekly performances on…

I’d like some percussion - some tribal war drums for use in psychological warfare during raids would be cool.

I’d love it if they implemented an ABC type thing like LOTRO had. I spent more time in that game messing around with instruments than doing anything else and would love to see people playing janky instruments in rust

I don’t mind the acoustic guitar but some better control over playing notes would be nice.

Yo,. Missing a Proper Instruments in-game

What about A Flute? ------> :

I’am sure not pulling someones whistle Here! hahah!

We need a trumpet.

I’m a little biased because I play the trumpet but still.

At least a bugle.

I want war drums and trumpets. Would make raids with large clans that much better.

Bugles and war drums all the way, saying that I wouldn’t be the poor bastard going to war armed with a drum, that would be left to someone else.

I am a musician aswell but I don’t want any more instruments in the game. Why? Because its near useless and other things should be focused on.

Fun = useless. Totally getting your point. If you don’t want it, don’t use it. But don’t downvote suggestions just because you are not interested in them.
Also: the game is in alpha, which means it is not feature complete and now is the time to suggest features. Not later. This game actually needs suggestions, that’s why it is in early access. So let people suggest and let the developers decide what to focus on.

we already have the guitar. Are you having fun with your guitar? Do you want devs to spend weeks of time on properly playable instruments? I don’t.

You are not getting the point. Can you play songs with the guitar? No. And my suggestion is to make that possible. If you don’t care, then just don’t bother. They already implemented playing music, the controls are just not really controllable. Is it weeks of time to add a simple HUD for playing actual notes instead of controlling them by view angle? No. It’s just making a list of chords. How difficult.

And yes, I want devs to spend time on suggestions given by the community because this game is early access. You obviously don’t understand what early access is and how it works.

If it’s that simple, why don’t you look at making a mod for it?

Don’t get me wrong. But an old rusty guitair maybe doesnt have proper frets. Thus the wrong notes. Also, I can play a few recognizable songs even on the implemented guitar: Star wars and pulp fiction hahahaha

Anyway, I see that intruments could be improved a little but I wouldn’t want the devs to get busy with that anytime soon because there are just so many other things to do right now.

Interesting community. You suggest something, and it gets downvoted because somebody doesn’t want the devs to spend time on it. You say it is simple to do, which is very true in this case, and they tell you to do it yourself.

Seriously, I can only repeat myself. This is early access, alpha, not feature complete, it is not my job to add features to this game, it is my job to test and suggest.

I understand that there are more important things to do in the game right now, but I’m not saying to drop all development and focus on instruments. I only give a small suggestion to improve a feature which is actually already there, just badly controllable.

Once you establish a proper base in this game there is not much left to do than defending it, raiding others or trying to find fancy stuff in barrels. I would really like to see more just-for-fun things that can be done in your once established base with friends. And honestly I would welcome things like that more than weapon skins.

A flute and a drum of sorts, that would speed up any annoying trio …