Proper L4D/L4D2 mounting.

Is this possible?

My hard drive is low on disc space, and this would be really nice.

Also, as a side request, mounting for Portal : First Slice - . It contains all portal props/materials/sounds/entities/effect and a few of the early levels. You CAN just extract the contents and get the portal spawnlist from the gmod GCF, but this is a pain and takes a lot of hard-drive space.

well why dont you extract it?
I Dont think you can mount games with lua

Are you sure? I though that I have seen similar mounting systems.

Well L4D And L4D2 Uses a different type of source so that wont work.
Also the mounting were done by binary modules (DLL) So yeah…

Why didn’t you look at page 1?

Only thing is, I doubt that supports the .pak files from L4D. Probably not.

Oh and, 1000 posts.

Except that that mod is out dated, has no links to the download, and has nothing to do with what I requested.

Condescending Fail.

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