Proper Rebels



[release]Just felt like showcasing something I was just working with, it’s still got some work but overall felt like showing 'em off as I said. Used an old FakeFactory HD Rebel skin and have been editing it as much as possible. Got the kevlar pads basically from Episode Two dirty OverWatch and basically darkened them. The rest of the skin is basic stuff I did like fading the jeans, saturating the jeans and then saturating the vest. The first image is me messing about with an old hacked model that BlooCobalt released on The custom mask I used was done on a CS:S skin done by Simon87PL, I saturated the mask and then used a color similar to the shirt to color the mask. I’m hoping to get a look of an actual Resistance fighter, and not some paramilitary badass. The idea is still ongoing, so if you want to give any comments or whatnot feel free. Felt like releasing these for people who wanted to have a taste of something aside from black camo rebels. The file does not contain any models persay, only the materials which will overwrite all the Rebels skins out there. You can modify them to overwrite whatever you want, all I ask is that you give proper credits to the original authors, and myself for doing this.[/release]











sexy hot
AND then Niko said to his disciples, “OMG man i luv u so much, ur arms r so HARD n flesy”
also the rebels should make their own camoflauge

Hrm, did an edit of the title. Sorry to anyone who noticed the [REL] tags. :X


Does male_09 have black man’s fingers?

These are materials only, reason being is that it’s mostly to just replace the regular Rebel skins. And the male_09 thing I have no clue how to fix aside from making them all fully gloved.

no, he is a burn victim!

and he is very self-conscious about the scars, so please don’t ask him about them!

in all seriousness, I like these, less … odd compared to the normal versions

I would assume it would be pretty close to a m81 woodland. Easy pattern to make and remember how to do.

FINALLY someone did it right, I am so glad there is a rebel skin I’d actually want to use in screenshots now.

…Really, this looks bad, really bad, you simply cut and pasted things all over it, it doesn’t look nice, i’d reccomend you learn how to make proper textures rather than cutpasting things, and darkening them, why did you even darken the green? the rebels are urban combat.

Except, like, you know. Episode 2. Forest and whatnot.

By the way, stop shitposting. These skins aren’t bad, let’s see you release something marginally close to this.

And none of then knows how to close his pant’s zip?

I enjoy how I explained damn near everything I did and it’s still not enough for you to use a well versed sentence that isn’t insulting. You did not spell most of your words correctly and you failed to read my post, instead you were hooked on the images. The original overall models are basically what I have found from an old FakeFactory skin. I decided to use it and mess about with it a little, I am not saying that my work is any shape or form a masterpiece of art. It’s a rough edit I put together that I feel some people would like to see out there. There only two pieces of this entire edit that I have indeed copy pasted from others, but they are so irrelevant that to be honest your entire post is basically just pointless now. I would appreciate some sort of constructive criticism and not a post filled with jibba jabba.

Hah, I didn’t notice that until now. Good find.

cool beans.

I like the skin of them, it gives the feel that they’re rebels.

Nice skinning there.

Its the same on all male_09 rebels.

I blame Valve because I can.


male_06 looks fucking badass
also i love you

oh god i just really want rebels with balaclavas.

I made the main shirt/pants texture i notice. Not that I mind but still.

Well, I found it in a FakeFactory addon, I forget where. If I would’ve known you did the textures trust me i’d of listed you on credits.