Proper stairs?

I’ve seen people build these stairs that take up less space then the ramp on YouTube, but all I see in the building options are the ramps. Are these stairs blueprint only?

Is it an old video? They changed stairs at some point in the past to what you see now, they used to take up less space but they were generally harder to actually move up.

I like how the description for the stairs basically states “yeah we know these suck and something better is coming”.

Stairs are a liability anyways… Go for locked door and crate… Your cupboard will keep the raiders downstairs… And it fits in a triangle if you do it right.

You can also build spiral stairwells.

Have you actually played Rust or are you basing this comment on watching legacy Rust videos on YouTube? The current version of Rust has stairs.

i presume he means the older version of the stairs in experimental, which was more akin to a ladder. but could be legacy :confused: