Proper way to remove teams?

I have a plan for a gamemode, I don’t see any official method to remove a team or an inverted option of team.SetUp() and I was wondering if there was a proper or an efficient way I could remove a team from the game.

The reason for this is because I want to create and delete teams depending the amount of players online.

if there’s a way to it’d be in the team library, check the wiki

if it’s not in there i doubt you can

Yeah. I should probably do a little bit more poking around. I was just wondering if somebody had some nifty methods that they might think could be useful instead of maybe directly editing the table (if there is one, I’ll snoop around on the Garry’s Mod source)

Because as far as I could see I didn’t see any method that could do this.


Well, looks like the table is local. I could edit the include but I’m not sure if I should.

Edit: (Volume 2)

Well I was playing around in the console and I guess you can just overwrite them. If I don’t use any teams I hope that’s okay. I guess it should reset itself when the map changes or the server restarts.

You could just ‘fake it’ - like change a team’s display name when x players are available etc

Yeah. That’s what I was thinking, thanks! I’ll mark this thread now…