Properly installing Wiremod SVN

I have installing Wiremod a long time ago, on anoter computer, so I wouldn’t think I could do it now on my new desktop - but I simply can’t.

So, I followed instructions from wiremod, simple as that…

I make the folder “wiremodCO”, I download wiremod into it - but when I try to pull the 3 folders “wire”, “wire model pack 1” and “Adv Duplicator” out of “wiremodCO” folder and into my primary addons folder, they lose that SVN checkmark in the lower left cornor, so I cannot update it.
This didn’t use to happen on my old computer, so I have no idea how to fix this.

(<— that green charmark)

Short: I’m missing the little green checkmark on my 3 folders: “wire”, “wire model pack1” and “Adv Duplicator” when I pull them out of “wiremodCO” folder and into my addons folder.

Are you selecting the option to export them when you drag them?

No I am not. Is there such an option?

Is it one of these perhaps? I absolutely hate having my language set to danish, it makes it twice as difficult to find help on the web, since everything’s english. Wish I could change it. :v:

And this is the result of simply dragging the three folders into the addons folder (notice there isn’t a checkmark):

Try Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V instead of dragging.

I just use tortoisesvn, and use checkout to the addons folder.

You need to Checkout:
Richt klick on the wiremodCO

when its done move the 3 folders:

  1. wire
  2. wire model pack 1
  3. Adv Duplicator

And delete the wiremodCO
and if this is not working
make 3 folders

  1. wire
  2. wire model pack 1
  3. Adv Duplicator

Richt klik Adv Duplicator checkout

Richt klik Adv Duplicator wire checkout

Richt klik wire model pack 1 checkout