Prophunt won't start?

I first posted this in gamemods, but i guess it was the wrong forum.

When i join with friends in a prophunt server it won’t start,
How many people you need to let it start?
Or is there something else that needs to be done?

Look here.

Well ye, we always have at least 1 in each team but it won’t start ;/

You should ask the server owner to reinstall the gamemode and see if that helps.

I am using this version

This is the version with extra taunts, that are hilarious.

I extracted the *.gma using GmadconvGUI and put the folders into the /gamemodes/ folder and added +gamemode “prop_hunt” to the startup line and away she went!

there are many servers with this problem. me and some friends where joining random servers that there was no people on and they wouldent start either. i dont know what the problem is but ALOT of servers have this problem

The one with extra taunts is messed up. Just use the normal version and manually put in the taunt animations.