Prophunt, the gamemode we all know and love but ported to s&box.
I will be adding more screenshots in this thread as things go on and updating the feature/todo list.


  • Pre-game waiting for players
  • Prop grace time (warmup) where seekers can’t move or see anything
  • Banned props (some have bad collision models)
  • Prop switching and glow outline
  • Test map (by @gvarados, can be seen in the second screenshot albeit with a game bug where props didn’t load)
  • Prop rotation locking
  • Clothing for seekers
  • Timer HUD
  • Taunts
  • HUD redesign


  • More than just the pistol
  • New scoreboard
  • Fix collision models of some props
  • More maps

Footage from the TylerMcVicker stream on 28/04/2021

There was a big game on the 24th of April but I barely got any footage as I forgot.



remember, it isn’t prophunt unless you have tposing hunters


Love all the ERRORs in the second picture. Glad to see people are actually making fun gamemodes :slight_smile:. Its also nice to see everyone working together to help test everyone’s work.

Damn I really want to play this, nice work.

Preview of the prop selection glow, its the default in the game but looks quite nice.


Nice to hear that Prophunt is being worked on! Excited to see what comes from this :slight_smile: Good luck!

The seeker getup


I thought about prophunt for s&box the other day. Will you be to choose a prop when you spawn? I came up with the idea that using the possibility to display 3d objects in the UI to show the available props would be really cool and UX wise great!

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He’s streamed a bunch of it on discord and the prop selection works the same way it’s always worked, you hit use on a prop that’s already in the world and you’ll get the same model.


I see… Back in CSS you had to choose one via number commands.

I could add this, but it’s definitely in the back burner and low on the priority list.

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Just saw this, will there be options for what seeker model you want to use, either server-side or client-side? I’d love to see the HLA Civil Protection model used, or some of the other combine models from HLA added as options

Idk, that’d be a cool use of S&Box’s tools, but I also feel like one of the main things about the beginning of a Prophunt game is that minute or so timer where you’re a Kleiner trying to find the right prop to imitate

I have no issue with adding this as an option but there are no HLA models in s&box so I cannot do this currently.

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Epic! What’s your opinion on having T-posing Kleiner or Russell as the props team aswell? I feel like Russell would be more appropriate. Can you not just port the HLA assets?

Yes but I have no idea how to, could probs struggle through.

Maybe as a config option, but I feel like the new more cartoon art style of s&box and terry gives it a new feel and would be better for the gamemode.

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Seeing as they’re both in the same engine it’d probably be pretty easy to port over. Having them as config options would be great for people like me love and/or are used to the Half-Life artstyle of the original Prophunt

I’m sorry but this isn’t Gmod 2. Valve owns HL:A, not Facepunch, which is why no Valve assets will be included with the game. The game will no longer feel like a sandbox version of Source games, it’ll be it’s own thing. Let’s evolve a little bit.


I trust you’ll be profusely annoyed on Day 1 of S&Box’s release when hundreds of Half-Life assets get ported over, no worries :slight_smile:

That doesn’t stop me from stopping you so you don’t keep annoying gamemode devs asking that every model must be like it was in Gmod. Let them do their thing? And if you don’t like it, do it your way?