Lol stay mad, imagine unironically saying you’re trying to stop someone from speaking on the forum and still thinking you’re in the right. I never said anything “must” be like anything, apologies for wanting to have options I guess? The gamemode dev even said he wouldn’t mind having config options for models.

Go become a Discord mod if you want to limit people’s speech lol

Edit: and YES, I do want to do it my way! When the game drops I’m probably going to host my own server which has newer versions of the models, so I’m asking if there will be options :grinning:

Advocating against customisation, options, and playermodel selection is literally the antithesis of what makes up Gmod and S&Box, the idea of open systems and freedom, but seeing as you disagree with the basic idea of freedom of speech maybe you wouldn’t get it.



prop hutn

I wonder what it was that made prophunt die? I know it’s still barely around on GMOD but It’s hanging on by a thread… Maybe just more people in general left Gmod?

Hopefully Prop hunt thrives again.

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If your idea of freedom is insistently bothering devs to do what you want and make everything as it was, more power to you, but I simply disagree.

Also if instead of hosting servers and leeching off of people’s talent and bothering devs with such “suggestions”, you went and learnt a little bit of coding, you could do this by yourself when s&box comes without bothering anyone.

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Although that’s a very interesting idea of how to conduct yourself on the forums, it seems that insistently bothering people is more your thing. I haven’t threatened, attacked, or attempted to force anyone to do anything, in fact, it seems the only person telling people what to do and how to act here is yourself.

It seems like you didn’t actually read what I wrote. I never tried to force anyone to reverse their work and make it like it was before. In my opinion those older low-poly models from HL2 probably wouldn’t look very good, but if someone wants to play w/ it like that, cool! We’ve literally just been having a respectful discussion about playermodel options and you’ve barged in to derail the thread by trying to stop people from talking (in your own words).

Also, what’s bad about hosting servers? I want to pay for a server to run so that my friends and others can play the way we like, how is that leeching off of people’s talent? Do you play Prop Hunt in singleplayer? Not sure that was how it was designed but more power to you.

Oh yeah and again, stop telling people what to do?

Edit: Also your posts reek of “I played Garry’s Mod from a very young age so whenever I saw anything from Half-Life 2 I said “That’s from Gmod!!!” and now I want to mentally erase that experience”. Don’t worry friend, I know the feeling all too well.

Cracken might be out of line here, but you also seem to be really annoying and derailing the thread. They talk about the gamemode, main options and how to play and and you barge in, saying how you want old models, and begging him to just try and steal Half Life: Alyx work.

I have to agree that you should cleanup this thread, simply state you’d like to choose other seeker models and be able to play on any map with any props and that’s it. Do the porting yourself or find someone that does it for you.
The one that makes a gamemode is not responsible for the content you use for this gamemode.


I don’t believe my initial comments were annoying or derailed the thread (otherwise the OP probably would’ve expressed that rather than agreeing that options are good). I didn’t barge in, it wasn’t out of the blue, it was literally in response to him showing off the Terry seeker model :man_facepalming: but yeah, you’re very right that it’d probably be really easy to change it within the config on a dedicated server, I was just wondering what the OPs opinions were. I don’t think asking 2 questions is really out of line to be honest, and I wouldn’t class it as “begging”.

I also didn’t intend to come across as if I was trying to force or say he MUST port over specific models, I was just saying that if it’s something he was interested in (as he said he was) then he could as they’re in the same engine, however if not it’s something people can do later down the line.

I just asked 2 questions and we were having a decent conversation in the thread lmao.

New HUD, thanks to @Dreamplay. The display at the top isn’t finished due to a rendering bug.


Cool stuff so far! With how easy it is to scale props (and players) do you think there might be any way of incorporating that into this version of prophunt?

For example I remember playing prophunt on gmod and being frustrated by hiders possessing soda cans, going underneath a couch or vending machine or something like that, and being completely unfindable by any means. If seekers were able to shrink themselves down to get close to the floor, that new perspective may help them find hiders in tricky places.

Or perhaps hiders could opt into being slightly larger than regular compared to other props of the same type, and in return they would get a points bonus. So they’d be easier to spot due to their size, but they’d be rewarded for their risky behavior.

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That HUD looks hot :+1:

Do you think it would be possible to make a sort of “ragdoll” button for the props?

They would lose control as long as they pressed the button and your prop-body would fall like a normal prop, accounting for it’s previous velocity(run, jump and hit a wall with velocity you gained).

I believe with the higher detail of Source 2 and the improvements to physics make it a bit easier to spot a prop that just stands out, so maybe something like this could balance it out for the props. But I’m not sure, I have only seen one stream( with @gvarados and McVicker) where the prop hunt was being played.

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Nothing is stopping you from making that but think about balance… how would anybody then find fake props? It’d be really hard unless you added a mechanic to check for the prop authenticity (unless you count shooting exactly that but then maps would need to contain way less props than some ph maps do).

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That would be awesome, maybe one of the things you can spend points on since I haven’t fully decided on the uses for them yet.

My current ideas are more ammo, grenades and now shrinking. To gain them you can manually taunt for 10 pts and kill a prop for 20pts, that may change or add some more.


Preview of the grenade particles and current HUD, not an artist in any sense of the word but it does work and doesn’t look too bad.

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Thats the code I used for my prop hunt server. Been over a year since I last touched it.
Some features were randomat sort of rounds, prop physics, team auto balance, gui to ban props on the map.
Theres a bunch more plus some attempted fixes since this was a modified version of the original.

The code is not perfect at all since I was new to LUA when I started. You can use it for ideas, I might contribute to your repo when I have time or have a better understanding of C# since I’m also new to that.

Honestly, ( Saying this in a nice way ). That HUD takes up way to much screen space. as a UI Designer it’s just unnecessarily huge… As a result it tunnel visions gameplay instead of acting as subtle information. I do like the Color scheme however the 2003-gradient-style inside the ( 1 1 ) needs to go

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Thats a bug with the css renderer, see linear-gradient issues · Issue #79 · Facepunch/sbox-issues · GitHub

As for the hud being too big the bottom bar probably is and I may shrink it.

prop hunt is so sexy