Propkill Gamemode

This Gamemode is based off fighting each other, but not with conventional weapons. Instead props are used as the weapon, utilizing the physgun to engage combatants.
You can find an Indepth Description in Post #2



Some Maps:

G-Force Connections for creating the GM and now updating it again.
IcedCoffee for porting it to GM13

I made a description for this before :slight_smile:

Hi guys, It’s me serverwatch again. I’m going to attempt to promote a gamemode here on forum but first of let me clear a few things up that made the last posts that I did - go terribly wrong and people misunderstood what I was trying to say… When I look back on it some of it didn’t make sense so I hope this can clear things up.

I’m not talking about propkilling on Darkrp, TTT, sandbox or any other gamemode like that. I want to make that 100 percent clear. I’m speaking about the Propkill** gamemode**, why it differs from propkilling on other gamemodes and why I am making these threads in the first place.


So first of, what is the propkill gamemode exactly? It’s quite an old gamemode called “Poki gamemode”, It’s based off fighting each other but not with conventional weapons. Instead props are used as the weapon, utilizing the physgun to engage combatants. That is the basic theory anyway.

You have to think alot when propkilling, understand the physics of the game and how the prop travels when you throw it. It’s not simply “aim and shoot” with guns, It’s about guiding your props to your opponent or spawning them near and trying to cause as much damage as possible, while trying to defend yourself from enemy attacks by placing shields and surfing to different areas of the map.

Teams and objective

In the actual server itself there are 4 teams. Spectators, battlers and red and blue teams.

As a spectator you simply watch the game go on, you can spectate people in first person or third person depending on your preference, A great way to learn how people propkill and their technique.

As battlers, you are against everyone! Fight as many opponents as you can and try to stay at the top of the killstreak.

As the blue or red teams, fight against the other teams while helping and defending your team-mates from attacks. Dual shield and use other team-work tactics to fight against others.

Maps and physics

Most of the gamemode is fought on modified RP maps, such as RP_downtown_V2_propkill which is a very popular map in PK (PK is short for propkill). Other maps may include but are not limited to rp_bangclaw, gm_bigcity and some other propkill maps. Some australian servers even have a minimap inside their server so you can watch the game from the minimap inside the map which shows all players and props that are on it.

Physics on the propkill server are similar to Darkrp servers, sv_sticktoground is set to 0 and sv_airaccelerate is usually 1000 or 5000. Walk speeds may also be faster on some servers.

1 versus 1

Via the F4 menu you are able to challenge other players to a battle, you can choose the number of kills to battle to and they may accept or decline the battle request. Once a battle has commenced everyone apart from the two battlers go to team spectator and everyone is eager to watch the battle take place. Battles are fun and sometimes can be quite intense, people root for the player they want to win and use their microphones or chat to speak while they are playing. The kill limit is up to 15, you must get 15 kills in order to win, however if the other opponent dies unexpectedly (by their own prop) a point will be awarded to you. So be careful with your props!

Battles themselves and my video

Here’s an example video I made of a propkill battle. In the propkill battle its not simply throwing props at each other. It’s also about prop surfing (When surfing you often go up to speeds faster than noclip) to get to other areas of the map or attack from the air. It’s also about shielding where you place a prop in front of you to help block attacks, and spawn props from the skybox and push them down and then forward towards the opponent to attack. Bunnying, using a prop to quickly jump up to do a surprise attack and many more tactics that are in the game. You can read more about tactics on the gmod wika There’s actually a lot of thought going into propkill, quick reactions are also required to do well!

I’ve provided some footage that I made showing a propkill battle. I really plead you to watch this and understand what sort of things go into propkill and why it’s not just people throwing couches/props at each other, its a lot more than that!

Here is some footage of just playing on the server.

Clientside scripts

On propkill servers, much like Darkrp, sv_allowcslua is set to 1. Clientside scripts are almost essential for propkilling, Xrays and ESP’s are often used to longshot players by guiding the props even when they are not at line of site. Also some people don’t like to “launch” (using a prop to initiate a surf) manually so may use a 180 turn script to turn 180 degrees when launching. Develop your own Xray/180 script that you like using Lua, or use falcos scripts or a different Xray on the server. It’s a great way to learn lua by making your own clientside script though. It’s not as hard as it looks either!

Why it’s different from those trolls/darkrp propkillers/ttt propkillers

Because in that the goal is to cause disruption to other players, they use different props and inefficent methods,and it does not require much skill to fight someone who is not using a prop, its very easy to kill a RPer since they don’t know how to react to a prop being hurled at them. When the Darkrp propkillers come on the propkill server, they often are instantly defeated by the people who have played the gamemode for a while because they don’t know how to shield, surf or do any other method in an actual propkill fight against another propkiller.

The aim of the propkill gamemode is to have fun, not to troll. Much like someone who likes the deathmatch server doesn’t automatically make them a mass rdmer on darkrp…

Why am I doing this? Who cares???

Well contrary to what people thought. I’m not a troll. And people were saying “why should we care?”. Well this is a fairly old gamemode, and we are trying to get people interested in the Propkill gamemode again. There are four main propkill servers, two in EU one in AUS and one in USA. Most are empty at most dates which is a real shame. (At least in the USA/EU servers, I don’t know the same about AUS) . I personally don’t want to see propkill die as its a really fun gamemode, there are still some like me who are trying to keep propkill alive but the numbers are dwindling, We need new players and new people who are willing to join us in the gamemode.

Even if its just for a short amount of time. It would really help. It is a unique gamemode and people don’t seem to realise it or assume it’s just people throwing couches at each other. We managed to get a few new willing propkillers on today and had great fun, But in order to get a more stable player base we need to get ALOT more people on the servers. And more interested in the gamemode.

Here are some propkill server IPs feel free to join them :slight_smile: I can often be found on Davids server or CE propkill server. Right now I play most evenings and afternoons I am on as im writing this post actually :slight_smile:

Davids EU propkill –
CE Propkill –

Gages US propkill –

Monumental gaming propkill –

Thanks for reading and I hope this time round, I’ve got it right and I don’t upset people.

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Also here is my video on how to propkill

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Also I am on right now (and most of the time) if anyone wants to come :slight_smile:

Ah, the good old prop kill gamemode. Better than that PoKi thing I made ages ago. Nice to see it still around. Serverwatch: you should shorten the description a bit, it’s a huge wall of text :v:

All you’ve managed to do is break the gamemode.

I’m not even sure coffee knows about this. It probably has backdoors in it.

I had a quick look through it, didn’t see any back doors.

Nope, none backdoor from my side and couldn’t find any tbh.

Mh? This version currently works flawlessly on my server. Will take an look later into it. Did you got any lua errors or so?

Fixed spawn position errors
Fixed spawn position functions not properly working
Fixed F4 gui, hud colour options were not showing
Aligned the credit for scoreboard nicer
Removed scoreboard icons/buttons to vote
Removed old vgui code that no longer works
Changed code to ensure propkill directory for data is created
Added new networking system for ownership and saved kills/deaths
Fixed cleanup not running properly after death delay
Added in cl_cmdrate cl_updaterrate and rate commands to increase network speed
Ordered the player list tab
Leaderboard shows top 10 only now
Removed all network variables (SetNW, GetNW)
Made Precacheable Models and Top players send compressed table
Fixed fights kills being decimal

If you have a server running it right now, please run this command as I made a stuff up and there is a lot of data redudancy with the prop spawns file

lua_run for k, v in pairs( PK.PropSpawns ) do v.Model = nil end

rip propkill, it barely has enough players to fill one server anyway

I saw your location it is AUS, perhaps thats true there but here the Eu propkill servers have lots of players most of the time.

I’d give europe a try but fuck having 300+ ping, american servers are barely playable and they only have 200 ish

That really is bad… Maybe try to get the PK scene in AUS going again? Make some videos, invite some new players thats what we did and we got lots of new people on the servers.

Higgenz used to keep the Australian scene running, what happened to him?

I haven’t seen him around, and since MLU died, no-ones interested anymore.

I wouldn’t say the Australian scene is dead
It’s far from dead.
There are a lot of regulars on the pk server serverwatch mentioned, including higgenz, robbo, iced and laxz.

Just play darkrp, it’s the same thing after all

Not really, Propkilling in darkrp is hardly a challenge, its easier to kill an Rper who has no form of defense apart from a gun, what is the real challenge is killing someone else who knows how to propkill. Most of the propkillers in DarkRP don’t know what they are doing anyway and we refer to them as “breendeskers” or “couch throwers” since they are bad propkillers and just go on servers to troll people and if they set foot in the propkill server they would be easily defeated…

Those breendeskers actually give real propkilling a bad name.

Also the aim in Darkrp is alot more different. As the name suggests its all about roleplaying, however in prop-kill its all about fighting with props and strategy.

Is anyone experiencing random lag on the latest version? After a few changes, I hope I’ve cut down the lag.

Make sure you don’t use the -tickrate command for your srcds server or else it ruins your boost props. I spent 10 hours trying to resolve it, unbelievably annoying.

hes still a regular though there’s not much of a scene to run anymore, just a bunch of pkers that like to chill out on the same server
hasn’t been a proper tournament in years, propocalypse tried to host one but it ended up fizzling out when it was only halfway finished :suicide:

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what this guy said, roleplayers are just hapless pinatas that we smash until delicious rage falls out
fighting a competent propkiller is far more challenging and intense