PROPKILL!!! misconception about propkilling and promoting pk

I have come to clear up some propkilling misconceptions im quite new here so please be dont be angry/trolls at me :slight_smile:

Propkilling is not just used for trolling, despite various beliefs over the Gmod community we the propkillers are not trolls. We are rather “propmasters”, “prop-experts” and prop kings and queens. We know how to use props for combat in a way that takes skill and practise. Propkilling is done by very famous gmod players including the creator of Darkrp fptje is a propkiller.

There are two types of propkilling that people think of. The first being the one that most Gmod players are familar with.

Amateur propkilling.
These are people who do not know the correct props to use, cannot propsurf and often fail to propkill. They will use the “breendesk” prop or the washing machine prop. These people can do little other than in-effective propkilling and will reside on Darkrp servers and some sandbox servers. They think that if they change their physgun_wheelspeed 999 they can be called a prop expert but they are still an amateur

Professinal propkilling
This is the real method of propkilling. Which requires skill and practise to master the props and combat. In professinal propkilling one must be able to train their reactions, their understanding of Gmod physics and aim. Alongside other factors that I have not mentioned as well.

There are propkill servers in which the elite will meet up to do fights, Because propkilling relies on ping there are regional servers and champions. There is a EU server run by conor and a US server ran by gage there are a few private servers as well but we dont need to mention them here. On a propkill server scripts are allowed (sv_allowcslua 1) this is because propkilling is very fast paced and requires the use of X-rays and other scripts to be able to play.

In this method of propkilling there is propsurfing that must be considered. Propsurfing is not grabbing a prop underneath you and pushing up, it is using props to push yourself in a way that you can fly at great speeds (faster than 1500 units, 1500 being noclip speed) and up to 3000 even higher units while still maintaing control over your direction and also trying to kill your opponent.

Some examples of prop-surfing watch the SPEED tab it is higher than 1500 at some points!!!

In a propkill server it is just a deathmatch however you can choose a team to go on if you want to play with friends, or if you feel ready you can challenge someone to a propkill “1v1”, in which up to 15 deaths and the other opponent will win. Here are some videos of some 1v1s

In propkill gamemode also it is all about tactics, There are many tactics to do including shielding (the use of props placed in front of you to block attacks), spidering (quickly using a small prop to boost upwards to getaway from an attack or to attack from the air) and grounding (not surfing as much but attacking your opponent from the ground there is also antibirding (swatting your opponent out of the sky with a prop) More can be read on the tactics of propkilling at the gmod wiki

Propkill groups
There are groups and clans that people are part of that are propkillers. The most famous propkill group being Poki, some of the first and oldest propkillers are in this group and these people are not to be messed with in pk!

There are also some other propkill groups like GPhys and if you want you can ask to join the groups or you can create your own

Propkill culture

Many people when they join a pk server will think everyone is insane. This is a misconception. Yes it is true that on the US servers that there are many insane people who play propkill (Not going to mention any names) but it does happen. However don’t be put off by this there are still many sane propkillers are for the most part you are safe to play on a pk server. Just remember if you join not to use the breendesk and also WATCh how others are playing, ask for help if you must but the best thing to do is observe and do trial and error because soon you will suceed and becone a good propkiller :slight_smile: also microphone people can express themselves any way they want (as long as its not explicit) so playing music and sounds over the microphone is allowed and even encouraged, this may be a huge culture shock for darkrpers and sandbox players but you will soon get used to it. You will get de-sensitised to it over time and learn to enjoy it.

Please do not misunderstand us and banned
We the propkillers do not like being banned from servers for reason “blacklist”, so please do not use any programs that automatically ban us from being propkillers. I have seen on several anticheats (not going to mention names) that ban people for reason “propkiller” for being part of propkill groups or being known propkillers this is not nice at all and it makes propkilling look bad.

more info
If you want to learn to propkill leave your steam name below and I can get you in touch with someone who will help you and we will train you to be one of our own

Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate propkill for what it is :slight_smile:

jesus christ the european PK scene have really let themselves go

Hi legendofrobbo, It’s great to hear a reply! Also want to say your icon says Australia and I know australia is known for great pkers like Higgenz, And I want to ask what you mean by that? Is it something i’ve said? Something I’ve done? Please elaborate :slight_smile:

So professional prop-killers are only professional due to the aid of client-side scripts?

This is 3000 units, the player is the little green spec in the blue circle. If you think you can travel that in a second (You didn’t specify if it was units/second or something else) your fucking tripping. But them maximum velocity speed in the Source Engine is 9999999 so it’s not impossible so feel free to show me some examples of your breath taking speeds.

The reason people are banned for prop-kill is because it usually occurs in Role-Play (which surprise surprise, prop-killing is not a valid killing method) or people do it to people without reason (RP) or to people who don’t want to be killed (Sandbox).

Hi OfficerLamarr.

Regarding the clientside scripts, you do not have to use scripts onthe server. However it is very helpful to use an ESP to see where the palyer name and props are through walls, this is because there is a technique known as “Longshotting” or “sniping” in which you have to try and throw the props from far distances. Don’t worry for those people who dont know about client scripts. They are lua scripts that are ALLOWED by the game (it is not “cheat” or “hacks”) there is a server variable sv_allowcslua and when it is 1 you are allowed to use a script and propkill servres have it set to 1. It is a good way to learn about Lua to create your own ESP and other clientscripts to use on the propkill servers :slight_smile:

Also I think there was some confusion with the units. When I type cl_showpos 1 to the developers console, and then I find when you sprint with noclip your speed will go to 1500 displayed at the top right of the screen. When I propsurf I can reach up to 3000 and even higher sometimes 4000 and that is using the cone prop to boost and the circle prop to launch this is on the sandboxx portion of the pk map but you can also do it in downtown too but its harder ondowntown beause of the buildings :slight_smile:

Also yes, I am not talking about being banned for actually propkilling but,

There are anticheat. And people are banned for propkilling just being propkillers or being part of propkill groups butnot propkilling onthe server that is very unfair as they have commited no server crime but are auto-banned this is very wrong and not good.

What is professional propkilling? Do they earn money for each kill? Is it their job? Do they actively teach the secrets of their trade to students?

Hi thank you for replying to my thread and I saw yourpost on a thing I made on the other thread I replied alreayd :slight_smile:

Also No, it’s not that serious people don’t get paid money for each kill and I don’t think anyone has a propkill job. However we do teach new people to propkill, before people were more closed to the optiion (new users would be permabanned) but the community has learnt from our mistakes and we now openly teach new people to propkill and be nice to people.

What I mean by professional is that it requires skill and practise to be a good propkiller, its quite a challenging gamemode and intense its not like probkilling on Darkrp its very different.

Ooh a propkill thread.

I’m just going to leave this here.

based noobler:

Ooohh did we find ourselves the new “Serverwatch”? Back onto topic, why teach someone propkilling if it isnt allowed on the (might call it as well) the mainstream servers, that being DarkRP and Ttt. I just dont see the value of that

  1. its incredibly useful for raging bad RP servers and/or the retards that play on them

  2. competetive propkill is actually pretty fun and is basically a new gamemode, albeit one you need training to participate properly in
    if your sick of the same old darkrp/ttt/murder circlejerk it’d probably be worth your time to check it out to squeeze a few dozen more hours out of gmod

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i mean you sound really young and newfaggy
then again its probably just me being a salty old faggot

and yeah aussies have the most active pk scene in the world as far as i know, the american scene is so dead that yanks freqently play on our servers just so they actually have company

Hey there, Serverwatch, learn how to make a new account and stop yourself from melting?


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is an alt of Serverwatch. Same stupid email replies where he says Hi every single time, same stupid gimmick of trying to be “informative” with controversial bullshit, same horrible spelling that’ll probably turn in to Gibberish or Esperanto at some point, it’s just so blatantly obvious. Jesus christ, his last thread before being banned was about promoting propkilling, this guy just took it and made it into a full fucking account. It was kind of funny to fuck with him before, but the fun in that has passed after he was perma’d the first time and now we need to report him and get him banned ASAP before our brain cells start committing suicide one by one.

I think I’ve seen this thread like 3 times already. Propkilling isn’t really much of an issue anymore since every DarkRP server ever has anti-propkill stuff enabled by default (unless of course that changed in the last month since I’ve played). I only learned how it was done back in the day because I liked being able to fly around maps and get to places I couldn’t normally reach quickly.

Thanks for the lua script will be sure to check it out later!

not to mention they’re both from england and are shit at english but that isn’t really proof either way

Thanks, Yes I heard australia had a pretty active Propkill community, In the USA the servers are often empty and not manyEU propkiller like me join them because of the drama that goes on however there is sitll some good talent there. In EU we have a semi-active community that is split by new propkillers most old but some old are very angry that propkilling is becoming popular again saying that “propkill is dead”

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I don’t know what you are talking about my name is propman100 not serverwatch… Why do you think I am masquerading him?

Both english, both use chrome, both try all the gimmicky bullshit, it’s blatantly obvious. All we need to do is pay them no mind and wait for a mod to take note and follow through with a swift ban.


I modified wh1t3rabbit’s original Serverwatch Blocker userscript to block out the new account (read: changed the text and ID number), use it if you want it:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Propman100 Filter
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// ==/UserScript==

function filter_batshit() {
	$('div.postdetails').each( function(index) {
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    if (UserID==702729) {
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      Content.html('<b>Hello. I post insane bullshit and melt all over everyone. Ban me please.</b> <i>(This post has been filtered for your sanity. Originally written by wh1t3rabbit.)</i>');
	} );

Because you both thought too highly of yourselves as critics when really nobody, and I’m serious here, cares

Propkilling isn’t fun unless it is with gravity gun like hl2dm intended.

Is this some kind of personality disorder at work here or what

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Where are the psychologists of fp

nobody knows, either way he certainly succeeds in causing endless rage wherever he goes