Proplems with flexes after export


I created a model with blender for gmod and I already create shape keys and a qc file. But when I compile the model for gmod, I cant use the flexes. I can see the flexes in the model viewer but when I change their values, nothing is going to happen. I asked allready some guys and they told me that its cause of the qc file. Now I have 2 qc files with a different flex chapter but both of them aren’t working correctly. I think that its cause of blender or maybe GUIstudio but I also cant find there any misstake.
Here are the flex chapter of the qcfiles:

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Can’t see anything wrong with the second one. You checked to make sure the vta was exported correctly?

When i have finished the export, i got a huge list of warnings in blender. How can I be sure that the vta is correctly exported? I just select the model and press on export>source .smd/.vta

Try importing the smd in a new scene, then the vta (must have the mesh part selected). Look through the shape keys list

When I import just the smd file with the shape keys on it, there aren’t any shape key in the list. But when I import the entire qc file, then I can see all the shapes and they are working excellent too.

Those qcs seem to work. I pasted that into a qc+smd+vta of mine and shape keys map to those sliders correctly, and it sounds like your VTA works if it re-imports. The mdl should have expressions.

Absolutely nothing happens when you press “Random” and “One” buttons in model viewer?

yep. In gmod with the face poser it nothing happens too and in sfm I can’t even see them (exepct the flex frown o_o)

I have no idea what it could be without looking at the files at this point.

is it maybe cause of the source sdk or guistudiomdl?

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hem now its working in sfm and gmod o_O but still not in model viewer. Uff …

thanks for helping :wink:

Is your model’s material using the VertexLitGeneric shader?


HLMV sometimes lists user made flexes (as opposed to valve default ones) on the end of the listbox sometimes. Usually just open the flex list and they should show.