Proportion trick and animations

So, I started making a playermodel, and as a stupid choice of mine I decided to pimp it to oblivion with gigglebones, flexes, lip “sync” and god forbid, uses the proportion trick, the one from CaptainBigButt.
I think it’s genious and it’s probably the best thing about the model I’m doing, everything works except for the animations, they’re fine but not when I crouch (standing still, when I crouchwalk it’s fine) and when I sit, those are the only 2 animations I have problem with, but it’s bugging me since I want this to be perfect in any way,
I looked it up and there was already another thread about the issue, now I can’t find it but CaptainBigButt responded with adding a layer on all animations to move the pelvis, it took me a while to understand what that meant but after downloading the Chibi playermodel made by CBB, I looked at the QC and understood, well then, easy fix, I just do the same thing right?
Problem being, apparently crowbar isn’t that great with animations, I did some testing decompiling m_anm.mdl, modify some animations and then recompile it, but I always get the same problem:

- Load_Source( m_anm_anims\zombie_attack_01_base_layer.smd ) - overflowed g_numsources.ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'm_anm.mdl'

I’ve read online that this is because there are too many animations, understandable, there are a lot, but then how can I recompile them??? Crowbar is no good, but neither are all the 100 other decade old compiler! I’ve tried them all with no avail and I’m starting to go mad, I even tried dividing the QC in 2 different parts multiple times, but that wouldn’t work too.
Recently I stumbled on the SC 939 Playermodel addon, which has custom animation, I asked the author and he just told me he used crowbar to compile them, what am I doing wrong and how did CBB compile the modified m_anm animations???
Sorry for any formatting errors and such, but I am brand new as I didn’t think It’d come to this, this is my last resource.
I don’t think posting the full QC is important but if necessary I will do so, heck I will post everything if asked, this has been going for a whole week and I’d do everything to end it, this passion project of mine turned into a nightmare.