Proposal for Vehicle in Rust

Obviously rust is in alpha and still has loads of objectives to fulfill, however, once the map becomes larger, traveling will become an arduous task. Now, at first thought, I immediately came up with the idea of helicopters. Sounds great right? Not so much, helicopters are extremely large, armored, equipped with weapons and fast. Rust also is going along the path of homemade objects, and obviously helicopters fall nowhere close to that category. However, there is an airborne device with the same purpose as a helicopter, yet it is extremely small and easy to build. I am talking about a paramotor. A paramotor, in my personal opinion, would be a great asset to rust as it is easy to build, and by no means overpowered to any extent. Thanks guys.

ive been saying it forever. BICYCLES


mutant horses

Russians who are riding mutant bears. :suicide:

you think that can be built with scrap metal? i dont. -1. plus, bicycles, old cars with no fuel that spawn in irradiated towns, loot boxes with jerry cans in it, irradiated gas stores that you can fill the cans with, a giant irradiated ruin military base with really rarely spawning helicopters and jets, also with no fuel but can be refueled, that is a good idea. i dont think the direction rust is going is with making a big motor and a fan and a parachute made of scrap metal and cloth. sorry to disappoint you but, bad idea.

No way are we having jets and helicopters, gtfo.

The cars atm, there could be a rare spawn with an airdrop and the airdrop could drop a car on a wooden platform, obviously with a parachute aswell, and when it hits the ground you have to repair it.

Vehicles will murder this game for me.

The whole thing about hiding your base is that it can’t easily he found because walking takes for-fuck-ever. Add in a makeshift helicopter and that poops on that idea.

Trees, vegetation and cliffs could still hide your base.

The Half-Life 2 scout car.

That hl2 car is awesome. It would be a useful addition but it should cost to the teeth to build. Horses would be awesome.

why horses? just strap a saddle onto a deer or a bear and off you go YEEE HAWWW





it would just kill the survival part of the game even more…

Why do you assume there is no vehicle travel in a survival situation. Why cant we be creative? Why cant we build parachutes out of cloth and jump off a cliff to travel silently through the air? Travel and vehicles are part of survival. Survival isnt always about sitting in one spot. Life is survival. Animals have been used as vehicles as long as history dates back. Wind has been used for travel. There’s alot of potential. If this game is expected to deliver a 15km squared map, vehicular travel whether it be mechanical or animal, should be implemented.

if the game is a true survival game the last thing you would waste metarials or stuff for is vehichles i mean if you have cars etcetc and just run arround the map with it means that your established so well that the survival part is gone for you and have time to create cars and run arround with it instead of trying to survive…

Actually that will be part of “survival” as well.You see most people will turn into a bandits and will take from the weak or raiding another forceful clan’s or player’s base and will leave only ashes behind.So vehicle or mount whatever you wanna call is a part of survival too.It’s happening around the world too,you get vehicles so you can easily took most precious parts from airdrops faster than everyone,you can scout the around as well.Survival does not only mean you have to dig everything with a rock and die like a hobo.

We all wasting our resources (and we should be that’s the point) on weapons,armor,bullets,houses,bases.So wasting some of the resources on vehicles are not a big deal.

You dont like the idea of helicopters? that’s unfortunate given they have already spent some time making a patrol helicopter… the artwork used to be on the trello main page but has since disappeared once it was completed and archived. Attachments were M249 door guns and rocket pods. (only linked due to size)

i bet my steam account on it that it wont be player controlled

Paramotor is an awful idea. You can fly? That’s way too fast.

Vehicles would just make the rich even better equipped and hard to kill