Propper - Buildings and misc.

I was messing the internet around the other day and came across this convenient tool dubbed ‘Propper’.
It allows you to make things (Or rip them) in hammer, and convert them into props.

The great thing about this is that it automatically generates collisions, if you set it up right.

Here’s a list of the things in this pack:

-Castle wall
-Castle gate w\lookout point
-Castle wall w\lookout point
-A gm_construct styled garage
-Big wood doors
-Little niches to weld onto the door for bars
-A 5-story skyscraper
-A little strip mall
-A warehouse
-A passage way
-An air-control tower
-A few assorted buildings
-Whatever you guys can suggest!

The big enter-able buildings have elevator shafts so you can get to the other floors/top of building.

Yes, a few of these were ripped from other maps.
If you’re having trouble seeing the point, you’re looking too hard. It’s just a test.

You are free to do whatever you want with these.

Some nice stuff there.

Wow, that’s awesome. Could you provide a link to said magic program? I’d love to convert some buildings and stuff into props.


And thus, a new age in scene-building dawns.

Aircraft control building!

Gahh! :allears:

This, this is just incredible!

Wow! Could you possibly do some small stores like typical ones found on a towns mainstreet?

make destructible buildings

Roads, please. Fuck that would be useful :flashfap:

AKA: No scenebuild at all, just copy pasting shit from Hammer.

…that can be used for scene-building.

Yea, different type of roads please! that would be fucking useful!

If you’re still taking requests, then…

I’ll have it done when I get to my computer, and I’ll also do some roads.

I wouldn’t mind some monorail rails.

Very useful! Thanks man!

I’m sensing a new RP gamemode where you build your town with props like these. . .

Though I’m wondering why no one ever made a pack like this before. Very useful props though.

Very nice, thanks.

great release!
Now do those jewels!

those are the best.