Propper - "Can't create LogFile:" - Error

I’m unable to compile my prop using propper currently, as I get this error:

** Executing...
** Command: propper.exe
** Parameters: -game "d:\program files\steam\steamapps\jerry\half-life 2 episode two\ep2" "d:\map\props\house1_rubble01

Propper 0.22 by crazycarl. Adapted from vbsp.exe by Valve Software. (Jan  4 2010)
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Can't create LogFile:"d:\map\props\house1_rubble01


I’ve been looking for a solution to this all day. I havn’t messed with propper in forever, figured I’d reinstall it to do a few things, and have been getting this.

I’m using version 0.22.

I’m using a propper run configuration which is what it should be:

Command: propper.exe
Parameters: -game $gamedir $path\$file

I’m unable to find a fix, anyone got any ideas?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ok, fixed this. Just made a batch file to compile it for me. Easy fix.

it does this for me too as well i dont know either

Well, I created a batch file to run it for me, but it seems to crash when I try and compile my VMF.

Any ideas?

-Fixed: Read OP