Propper train props

I am not sure where to post this, since these are models, but made with hammer. I guess everything regarding hammer should be posted here.

It came to my attention that there arren’t really a lot of prefab train props around. I like to build trains, but they aways end up being laggy spazz fests, so I decided to look into modelling. Since I am a complete terd regarding modelling software and cba to learn it, I gave it a shot in hammer using Propper.

So far I made 2 props, a locomotive and it’s car. They are based on existing ones. They were used early post war by the Dutch, French and Spanish railways. The color scheme is based on the Dutch.

The models might be a bit large, but the sizes are close to natural. They fit fine on on gm_trainconstruct. They have a complete interior, custom textures and self illuminating head- and taillight textures. I will make the doors and other detail props later on.

So what do you think?

I think they look really good. Good to see something with custom textures.

Those look awesome :buddy:
Are you going to release it when its finished?

My SR1’s got nothing on that, good job

Hehe, dutch trains, NS 1100 and plan W based am I right?
Looks great.

Yup, the loc is based on the original blue one :slight_smile:

That’s pretty nice. :buddy:

Yeah hammer is better to models in with propper.
Ehh i might make my center flow and airslide cars in hammer and apply the MSTS textures to them and put them on here for people to use. IDK yet it depends on how people act on the idea

Well PISS!

Better than any shit that I can do :saddowns:

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You need brake and buffet cars.

Sorry but rated dumb because
basically they look kinda unrealistic by texture. Way to clean. Looks more like made in lego.

Well since were in propper…

Yeah i know. its just one side


I wouldn’t recommend MSTS textures, the game is from 2001

ehh its all i have a huge collection of right now, i do have some textures from pics i took for the making of msts cars , Im thinking the raw images from my ACE files should work. I used to make my own MSTS skins awhile ago.
I still have the original TGA files just need to make them into vtf’s and apply.

Sorry i dont have trainz at the time so i cant use anything from there. unless you know a way to get textures from the trial version lol. I dont want to buy another train sim just for textures and junk when i have a massive collections of some already

You can probaly download custom content from a variety of websites for MSTS or Trainz. Generally, they have the textures included.

Trainz stuff is packed in different way. I already know how to rip MSTS files though so I just use those

dont hate haha:

its my first half ass train prop made in hammer. yeah its not finished, still need to add the railing and so on or maybe i can leave it for the players to do. idk yet

I’d try to enhance and sharpen those textures in photoshop, other than that it looks nice.

The reason i keep my models so clean and shiny is because garry’smod has a variety of tools which allows you to make it dirty. Like the paint stool.

yeah its the first thing i made but maybe its from the stretching… I see alot of that with addons and custom textures here and there, not much i can do about it though, im not the best at PS either… I might try to find another similar texture i dont have to stretch out so much later on

Increasing the texture’s resolution might help. A lot of photo editting programs automaticly enhance the image’s sharpness, or they provide tools for it. It looks better to stretch it in these apps than it does in source.


Currently working on this loc.

One of the Dutch railroad’s working horses.
Don’t worry, I will add more detail soon.