Props and weight mapping

I am just curious. Is there anyways you can make a prop follow the animations/weight mapping of a player model? Like if I apply a belt on my character is there a way for that belt to move with the animations/weight map on the player model. I have tried copying the same weight map from the player model to the prop, and compiling it with the valve character animations. This did not work though. I have read over something called “SetBodygroup” , but I am not sure if that would even help with my problem. I was also thinking maybe you could somehow compile the animations on the prop and at the same time apply two character models on one player. I am pretty sure that is impossible but that is the only alternative way I can think of to somehow make the prop follow the animations the character is doing.

So to understand correctly - you have a body and a belt both rigged to the same skeleton?

Just compile with the belt as a bodygroup.

I actually found that right after I posted, but its to my understanding that I would need to do that for every model manually in the game. I am trying to have it like an attachment and not limit it for the models it equips on.

Then you can bonemerge the stuff.

I have been trying to get this to work and for some reason I cna not get it to work. I am a little confused on this like when I attach a model to a bone I do:


This does not do anything though. Is there something special I need to do?