Props, Decals Not Appearing

Hi, I’m making a map and I’ve stumbled into a problem.

As you see in this image, there’s decals and props like the barrel and the yellow object back there. (Green is spawn)
However, this is what it appears like in game

No decals except for the front and no props at all. Also, the zombies are working. So, what’s the fix here? I tried googling but I got invalid results and didn’t get an answer.

certain props can’t be used as prop_static. your compile log will tell you when a prop has been deleted for this reason. I think that goes for the blue barrel you’ve got there. if you still want to use it as a static prop, you can make it a prop_dynamic_override.

as for the zombies, I don’t think you can use npc_ type entities in a multiplayer game. what game are you mapping for? if you still just want to use the zombies as non-AI models, they should be made into props.

About the decals: Use info_overlays. They have more control options such as the faces they are supposed to appear on.

Ah. Thanks. For some reason it appears as black in Hammer but appears normal in the game.