Props falling through the ground

Well this happens randomly I really dont know what causes it but it happens and everything goes down from guns to money printers and props etc any help??

same here.

Are you running Falco’s prop protect? what particular addons/gamemodes are you using?

well this is what I have in my addons folder

But I do think there is prop protection
and its a RP server

“Turn off Anti-noob”
found that ^ on the DarkRp google code, its a Quote from Falco

Well if I turn this off people are going to be able to prop kill each other

You must make a choice.
Or spawn props in the sky and wait for them to fall on you.

well its a RP server is there any other way to fix this problem or something to replace anti noob?

Try Here for Help

Can anyone here please help me ??? Anyone

Read the post above yours.

Delete FPP from your DarkRP gamemode.

Do NOT do this it mess up everything the whole RP goes away I will try to edit this WOW dude

They can do it even with prop protection. I can’t say i have not had my fare-share of propkilling NPCs with big spiked PHX props and you let go of M1 before you hit so that prop protection does not do nothing. I had this too with his prop protection, also the prop protection is very annoying at least to me. If you want to get rid of those stupid propkilling MingeBags recruit Admins/Mods

Lol, shut up, it doesn’t mess it up at all, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

That would only happen if you don’t know what syntax highlighting is and delete too many / not enough “ends” (Or a similar mistake)