Props for Prop Physics won't show up if I select Prop Static

The title says it all. I try to put in a few hl2 tables that are wooden, and they don’t show up if I select prop_static. Same thing happens with css paintings.

Just a shot in the dark but maybe they’re breakable and Hammer doesn’t like that?

The reason why is not all props can work as either both static or physics. I think there is a .qc command to tell that the model is a static model $staticprop or something like that, and then there are further commands for physics props. So if you cant decompile and recompile the model, I would suggest just making it a prop_dymamic.

Wow that’s dumb :confused: I can’t wait for Source 2, but whatever… Thank you guys for the help.

prop_physic_overide should do what you want