Props from other games.


I have two steam account, on first i have:

  • Garrys Mod
  • CS;S
  • TF 2
    on second i have(i bought it from friend):
  • Orange box (hl2, hl2;ep1, hl2;ep2 etc.)
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Dark Messiah ( ;x )

How i can get models from Orange box and left 4 dead to my garry mods?
I have installed all games but when i’m look at props in garry’s mod i have only from cs;s, tf2, half life 2 (lost coast and deathmatch )… ;p

I didn’t want sell my first account beacase i bought it for 50% price.

Yours Arthus.

I’m sorry for my English i didn’t learn it in school, i’m only read it from games and english forum’s ;p

Good English you have there, if you really learned it by yourself.

Now I have to try and remember how to do this. Uhhh I think if you take the folders from your 2nd account and put them where they would be on your first account, you can use the Gmod in-game model adder and find them. Not sure though, I haven’t done it in years.

Thanks, i try it later :slight_smile:

umm, i try this and didn’t work… ;(
Any other’s idea?