Props in Hammer

Hello Guys.

I’m making a map for Gmod and I want put props, but I don’t see CSS, DoD and TF2 props. Only garry’s mod and hl2 content. I’m using Garry’s Mod configuration.

Thx for help.

You have to extract the models and materials from the gcfs using GCFScape and place them in your garrysmod\garrysmod\ folders.

can’t you modify your GameInfo.txt file and add to SearchPaths{} the folders you want?

“Game |all_source_engine_paths|cstrike”
“Game |all_source_engine_paths|tf”

No, that is for loading the content in game. It will not be seen in hammer.

Really? I thought it does absolutely nothing. But that’s great since the tutorial I once posted shows how to mount the content in Hammer.

Thanks guys !! Problem solved ! :smiley: