Props in props list are nonexistant - must reset, also rt camera

Basically there are props listed in the props menu that no longer exist as I had deleted them. The thing is, I know I didn’t miss anything because all of the listed nonexistant props came from addons.

Next issue is regarding the rt camera. The right click does not work: just wondering if that’s happening with anyone else.

The error given when I attempt to do so is:

“entities\gmod_rtcameraprop\shared.lua.49: attempt to index field ‘TrackEnt’ (a nil value)”

Is there any reason why I can’t remove cameras tracking me with the remover gun?

From my point of view this shouldn’t be hard to fix. Just tell me what I gotta delete and bam! The rt cam and norcam stuff is just extra.

Try cleaning Gmod.


Is there a refresh button for the prop list?

Garrysmod -> settings -> spawnlists
Delete that folder. Gmod will re-create it again when you launch it.

Thanks Divran, gonna try that now.