Props jumping around and then disappearing

What may cause this to happen? Happens every few maps on a deathrun server.

All props do this on the map.

Bad entity placement. Sounds like a SWEP issue.

Yeah, was thinking the same thing for the SWEPs. I’ll post back if this continues happening after I fixed them.

Thanks again, code_gs.

It is still happening and I had just updated the SWEPS.

You can view the weapon pack here:

I only made minor changes to the SWEPs which were just the name changes to make it work for the gamemode.

What is the name of the map?

I have not pinpointed what map this happens on yet.

But it does not fix itself next map change unless I restart the server.

Post a map this does happen on.

That would not help at all. I said above, it starts happening on 1 map after running fine and continues on all maps unless I restart.

Right now it’s deathrun_atomic_warfare.

The server starts up, weapons are fine on all maps, then after a few hours on the start of a new map this starts happening and continues on all map changes unless I restart the server.

What causes this and how would one cause this?