props not moving in gmod

I literally just bought a new desktop computer and have just installed gmod on it. You don’t need to know my hardware specs because it is not a hardware related issue. IF IT WAS HARDWARE I WOULD BE ON A FUCKING FORUM. the issue is something within gmod itself. Basically the props (no matter what prop i spawn its all the same) will only allow me to move it a few feet and then it stops moving altogether

that is the only svn / change to the basic gmod i have made.

Now with that being said my brother (a fellow gmodder himself) and i aswell as a few other gmod friends remember a post on the forums aprox. a year ago with a resolution to the same issue. so with out any of the run-around that we have gotten from both this forum in the past and other forums currently, could someone plz tell me how to fix the issue of my props not moving. in multiplayer on my own and in multiplayer thru hamachi the props move just fine. it appears to only be occurring with in single player mode. thank you for any help you can provide.

First, not to be a dick, but proof that you own gmod?

OP has been perma’d. Someone lock the thread.