Props on fire/destroyed by other props on spawn

Hey guys, this problem started with the install of an addon and only happens if i start a server or play singleplayer.
If i spawn a number of props (It doesn’t matter if they were included with gmod or downloaded) they have a chance to catch fire and disappear. I think this happens because the props hit each other or collide with the world, since if i let a prop fall on another, they both fire up and destroy each other.
Also sometimes when this happens, fire usually follows me around behind me and i need to ‘kill’ in console to remove it - for a short while.

Basic system specs are:
CPU - Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz
GPU - HD4870
OS - Vista x64

All addons have been downloaded via SVN where available, otherwise pulled from
3 Stool packs. Can name them if needed.
LS3/RD3/SB3 (And all other addons related to these ones, eg. CAF/Petrol Systems etc.)

I’m thinking it is something to do with Gcombat. I have tried running the game without GC08/GCX in the addons folder but the same thing happens, more or less.

Taken on sb_gooniverse, just spawned a few non explosive barrels from standard HL2.



Nevermind, i discovered a leftover folder of custom damage system and removed it - all is well now.