Props rotate with caméra ?


How to rotate a prop with caméra and right click

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Unless I am misunderstanding something, you can’t rotate a prop with camera ( either the weapon or tool ) and right click.

for example: I’m a chair and I want to put myself right in front of a table, but I’m upside down.
I use the right click and my object rotates the direction of the camera in question.

I forget to mention in prophunt

Unless you play a customized version of prop hunt ( not the one from workshop ), you can’t.

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You should ask on the server you are playing on.

it’s my server --"

my server running with this addons : prop hunt

Up please help me

My point stands. Unless you have coded it in, you can’t. If you didn’t and/or do not know how to code it in, hire somebody @

You not have other solution free ? --’

This isn’t a “make me” forum.