Props vs Humans Classic

When GMod10 came out, I started waiting for a new version of Props vs Humans. One was released, but it was so different from the original that I found it hard to adjust to, for it lacked many of the features that made the original so fun.

I tried to make it multiple times, learning a little bit of Lua each time, but always gave up and scrapped the entire project.

Well, this time, I’ve succeeded.

What is Props vs Humans?

PvH (or Props vs Humans) is a gamemode that begins with a random player being chosen to play as a prop in the map. This player controls the prop, which has the ability to explode and take over any other prop in the map. The prop’s objective is to kill the human players. The human players’ objective is to survive for as long as possible. When all of the human players are dead, a new round begins and a new player is chosen to spawn as a prop.

How does this differ from the other GMod 10 version?

Well, the gamemode is derived from sandbox rather than base, and is somewhat simpler. This means that the humans can construct barricades, use SWEPs, and generally do anything they want to defend themselves from the props. The other GMod 10 version of this gamemode was derived from base rather than sandbox, with the building features disabled. This made it appear more professional, but got rid of some of the coolest parts of the gamemode. My goal is to remake the gamemode and retain the features that made the original so awesome.



This is a very early beta, but it is playable. Just don’t try anything stupid that you know will probably crash the game.
Please report any bugs here! I’m open to suggestions, as well.

This looks real fun, but i thought the classic was were the props hide and the humans hunt them, or was this a different game mode?

That was a different game mode. This is based off of the gamemode Props vs Humans by Dunk from the late GMod9 days.

Oh ok, i looked it up i was thinking of prop hunt, i loved that game but this maybe this will be just as much fun. Good Job

Maybe I am thinking of the same one, with the barrels were you shoot random barrels hoping to find the player that’s disguised as a barrel, that one was pretty fun, eh good times.

I would like to play this gamemode but I can’t find any servers running it. Does anyone know of any?

I’ve waited ages for this! I can’t wait until someone hosts it!

Looks fun :buddy:.

Doesn’t look like you have a nice scoreboard though, you should make one.


Looked at the code, I expected there to be more code, that’s actually pretty good because it shows gamemodes don’t take thousands of lines of code to write.


The one thing I don’t like is props are slightly over powered looking. It would be awesome if stealth was one of the prime abilities for the prop rather than random exploding and jumping. Maybe a swep that does a little stun so they can run away or something, so being shot is slightly more costly, making stealth do able but a skilled random expolder can do their thing.

P.S I Loled at the guy getting killed then the melon just rolling out from behind the barrels at 0:25
P.SS You should make this into a Fretta gamemode. It would be pretty useful because it can play on any map with props (Right?)

Ah. Are there any other advantages to making it into a Fretta gamemode?

Severs don’t have to dedicate things to this, and it can just be part of dedicated Fretta severs. It seams like one of those fun, quick gamemodes.

Once I am able to get Gmod I am playing this!!!

Isn’t this Poltergeist in Fretta?

Sadly, making this into a Fretta gamemode while maintaining the ability to use anything from sandbox seems near impossible.

Recode or copy it from sandbox.

Wow, looks fun, if you need a sever to host this, just tell me.

I put up a server for this!
Please read my thread if you are interested in a join -

RepoOne, I would really like to run a server with this reboot you made. Where can I get it I didn’t see a link in the OP.