Props vs. Zombies

PROPS VS. ZOMBIES Let’s add one more useful dimension
finally an RTS that’s not warmelons.

EVER PLAYED PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES? Well me neither. Maybe if I win the Fretta Contest I could afford to buy it.

Anyways I’ve been a fan of it due to some trailers and gameplay footage and I decided to give it one more dimension because 1-D is pretty useful… For lines. And stuff. pffft ha3

I’ve decided to document anything I added to the gamemode at the end each day I work on it. This won’t be everyday though, so you might get confused about the video release dates. I have school, I’m 15.

I hope I’m not breaking the rules by dev’ing this early.


DAY 3:

DAY 2:

DAY 1:

Hawt. I hope you keep using default HL2 props too, so we dont have to DL A bunch of custom mdls.

That’s the plan.

Except, I’m not going to use those chairs.

I got the plan for melon bombs, baby shooters, cans, trash shooters.

Cans will be the ‘money’ just like suns are ‘money’ in plants vs zombies.

Sounds awesome. 15 you say?

You should look into how Killburn did the items in Bomberminge, think it has to do with parenting.

I don’t think that the items in Bomberminge would have anything to do with what I’m doing.

All the props will be animated through a special S’Mo Suite kind of animation.

His props could just be all one entity that parents the player and controls where to draw. I created something similar to that except it was a backpack TF2 style.

But since I’m not using just one entity but a whole mess of entities, I created a base entity with no physics and several prop class lua files that the base entity will include. This will allow me to code for a dynamic number of props on the map instead of a fixed static number.

And yeah, 15. That’s why you probably would have not understood any of the above.

Oh. That makes sense.

so in fraps time 1:50 is the equivilant of 70 gb?

Shouldn’t this go into the fretta contest board?
On another note, I love the idea. You better finish this.:v:

Fretta Contest Board? :o

It opened 10 hours ago.

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