Props won't stay still

Hi, I’ve had Garry’s Mod for about a week now. I’m enjoying it, it’s a great accomplishment in gaming.

Anyway’s, I was making a rollercoaster, just a few track pieces etc etc to test it out. I’ve welded it all together and all that etc, I also have SmartSnap. But when it goes fast the track moves and the car becomes stuck. It even does this at low speed sometimes.

Is there a way to make props not move no matter what? Like keep it stationary but not have no-collide? I apologize if this is complicated to understand. Thanks.

Have you tried freezing it?

pretty sure i have but i’ll go give it another go now and report the progress back here soon. thanks pal.

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works. thanks. can’t believe i was so dumb

Your props are just having a seizure…

And check if your props are frozen next time kk?

We where all knew at some point, however some are born awesome :slight_smile: