Protect doors against physgun help required.

While i was making my House prefabs i came upon a small problem.
all the doors are physgunable, so once you use a physgun on it, the doors move out of their spot and go somewhere else where you place them
is there a way to stop this physgun action against a door?

if so, could you guide me to a tutorial for this or give me a basic explaination ?

You mean like a prop from the Q menu?

No no, i mean props that spawn together with the map.

so basicly my problem lies in my valve hammer editor
and that is the problem, i cannot seem to find ANY way to stop people from using a physgun and moving all my stuff, like doors, props,glass

The actual door entity he means. I believe the only way to stop this is with a script limiting the physgun’s capabilities.

Simple Prop Protection:

It has an SVN now.