Protect IP Address's of Players

I have seen a few servers that when a user uses the PlayerConnect hook to grab the IP address of a joining player instead of showing the players IP Address it says “PROTECTED”. How is this done? Does anyone have a script that does this so I can protect player IP Address’s from being revealed.

And people said this was useless since gmod 13 is out soon :v:

Okay, maybe I’m being particularly thick, but, what exactly is the point of obscuring your IP from the server’s PlayerConnect hook?

SethHack logs player IPs if I remember correctly, and most of the SH customers seem to have DevNull. If an admin bans someone and the SH user has their IP - boom.

I wouldnt say most have devnull, more a meer 10%.

Is it possible to do something in lua that will block clients from using the hook PlayerConnect, that way they can not detect a player joining?

PlayerConnect has not worked clientside for a while now

Works for me :smiley:
I can grab the IP of any person that joins a server if I am in it. Once the server doesn’t use script enforcer, because I am not bypassing it.

because there’s a legal use in doing that.

It does not work every time. It is not called every time a player joins, only on occasion will it randomly be called. I tested.

For me, it’s every time.

I join a server that does not have script enforcer
I run my script
Person joins, I get told in my chat and console:

[Connecting Player] : BlueAndGray, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : Cappitan Turtle, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : D3| Roach, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : D3|Meowler, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : D3|The Cake is a Lie!, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : Halder, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : Thomas, with the IP ''.
[Connecting Player] : glix, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : »LLF« Überschallknall, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : (S2K)SARG. FAGNUTS, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : (gwc) Shadyjay, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : Apple Pie, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : D3| Roach, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : D3| Shatteh, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : D3| Shatteh, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : DJ Urban, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : Daft[BR], with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : KillingFrenzy, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : Korinra, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : Ryan Gosling, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : The Cereal Killer (?, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : Totoro, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : XDementedDuckX, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : [ TRAVIOLI_SHAKE'N_BAKE ], with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : [FEAR]Killerradish, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : bryonlinda, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : gooyguy991, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : jack.henderson18, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : micheal10134, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : r0dent, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : will, with the IP ''.
[Connecting player] : |LA| ???Lucky™, with the IP ''.

what’s the point of it though? there’s nothing legal you can do with it.

“ping” is legal

And on a more serious note, IP bans, if you’re on a server you don’t own and find, eg, a DDoSing script kiddie

What do you mean legal?
You can check the IP to make sure people are not multiboxing on your server to try gain an advantage.

You can check this with the server, too. I can’t see any legal purpose with this.

Cant do it on a listen server.
Also you can log the admins ip address so if someone comes on the server and says they are an admin and has their name set to an admins name you can compare their ip addresses and SteamID’s and Unique ID’s.

or you’re making a SethHack replacement.

This is obvious, people make module all day long without a VAC ban. Yet he comes along and is so curious about VAC, what else could he be doing that he would be worried about VAC.

I am an administrator on a lot of servers, I don’t want a VAC ban.
I wanted to code some stuff out of boredom and I wanted to put it in a dll so I could share it with friends without them knowing the actual code. If I was really trying to make a hack I would have probably reworded a lot of the things I say, I probably would have asked how script enforcer 1 and 2 work, and ho to bypass them. From 1 feature. an IP logger, why do you think I am trying to recreate a whole hack? I would have probably asked about an aimbot, wallhack, and esp by now. Please dont judge on the fact that I have an IP Logger.