Protect the President


This is a very simple gamemode I created earlier this year, I hosted it for few weeks before I took it down,
not because I didn’t get enough players, because I did. Though I just didn’t had time for it.

This gamemode is quite simple. 3 teams: President, Secret Service and Terrorists.
President needs to avoid get killed.
Secret service needs to protect the president.
Terrorists need to kill the President. The Terrorist who kills the president, becomes the next President.

Secret Service and Terrorists have many classes they can choose from. Each class has some sort of specialization like weapons.


  • MySQL based saving
  • Custom gamemode from scratch
  • Pointshop with loads of upgrades
  • Pointsystem where you get points for kills and similar
  • Fingerpad = the same as keypad, though it’s more of a team-restricted button. Nice for faster access than keypad-writing. Can be cracked.
  • President checkpoint system. The President needs to get to desired checkpoint to gain points, this way he can’t camp at one place. Unless he wants to loose points for not reaching the checkpoints.
  • Friendly-fire script
  • Player amount-lock = There needs to be desired player amount on server in order to point system to activate. This is made so three friends can’t go on server and haverest points.
  • Much more!

Installation, configuration and other important notices

  • This is a unfinished gamemode which is buggy, but it works.
  • It’s one of my first gamemodes from scratch, I have some really sketchy and messy code here.
  • MAKE SURE you install libmysql AND mysqloo! This gamemode runs ONLY on MySQL database.
  • Edit, add, modify or do what you want with the gamemode. Though keep the credits and make sure you follow the licencing below.
  • The gamemode is originally made for rp_evocity_v33x, you need to change code if you wish to use a different map.




Sadly I’ve no screenshots from this gamemode. Just try it out yourself.
Send me a PM if you have any screenshots you’d like to provide here!

Though here is some gameplay by TheGrazyGoD:


Blt950 - The gamemode
Adamburton - Some code from his pointshop
FPTje - Some code snippets
Facepunch - Some help


This gamemode is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Background story

I’ve decided to leave Garry’s Mod and I closed my community as well.
As my leave is permanent, I’m releasing everything I find suitable to release.

I could sit here and probably earn loads of money for this specific addition to Garry’s Mod,
but I’ve already earned what I feel is right on CoderHire. Now I rather wish the distribute
everything for free to everyone, rather than give it to one single person who can mess it up.

Check out other places on Facepunch for my other released additions.

Hey, it’s great to see the gamemode return into me eyeeeess.
I recorded, edited and uploaded a video for this gamemode in July, a few days before I never had a chance to play the gamemode since. Be sure to watch the full video, I chose to make the video because of how much I loved playing the gamemode :slight_smile:

This looks like it might interest most DarkRP players. Good work!

What map is recommended for this?

Also, if anyone wants to help me with this:

The gamemode itself is made for rp_evocity_v33x. So if you plan on using different map, you probably need to edit the script. If I recall correctly, I was too lazy to put in map checks in the script, so it might try to spawn you in places of evocity cordinates. After all, it’s not a gamemode planned to be released really, so I never made it “user friendly”