"Protect the VIP!"

Just had an idea for using these guys in a hostage-type situation, running a company executive to a transport while under fire. This is my first pose posted on Facepunch, so constructive criticism would be much appreciated.


Tone down DOF. It obscures what is happening in the background. Makes it hard to see details and comment on the finger pose. You need to sharpen it up a bit. Perhaps brighten it to. But this isn’t to bad for a first.

Is he poking Breen in the ass with his gun? :smug:

Now seriously, work on your hand posing and finger posing, if they were protecting him, he would have his gun on high and looking for possible hostiles.

Also the blood needs to be darker.

Its not bad for a first pose.

Blood is way to bright… can see much other posing apart from the Ragdoll poses… can’t see much because of DoF…

Work on the camera angles.