Protected Server Without Password

I am trying to make it so on my lua test server if you join, before you even get in game it checks your steamid againts a mysql database and kicks you. The question I have is, is it possible to drop the user before they download any client files? I think it might be possible with gmsv_gatekeeper module but the links don’t seem to be working. I have tried the hook playerauthed but it drops the user after they download the client files. I would like to do this so I dont have passwords being leaked and I can choose on the fly who has access to the test server.

I believe the only way this is possible is with said module.

Alright I will keep trying the link and try and get in contact with the creator.

If anyone has the latest, and can prove so (dont want a fake one :P) please upload it for me or something.
The link the creator posted just loads forever for me.

Final Edit:
Links are working again, please close or delete this thread.