Protecting my map

Hello, I’m making maps for my own servers and I would like to know if there is a way so the map can run ONLY if I have a special file like .lua or .txt .

I’ve already tried map obfuscator but the software crashes.

Thanks for answers.

Eh, there are a couple of ways to protect your map but none are really efficient. Ive fixed many maps that were protected with obfuscator and other protection systems in little to no time at all.

It might be just a hollow phrase that is always said in threads like these, but I’m gonna say this anyways: If you want your work to be 100% closed-source, then don’t use a engine called Source.

TLDR; its not possible to adequately protect your map from unwanted users, you need to live with it

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This isn’t the answer your looking for but read and apply all options to make it more work than just running bspsrc to get a vmf out of your level :slight_smile:

He wanna make a map special for his server and ONLY for his server. Make a map with textures that only you server have. On other servers will looks pink-checked. Something like protecting.

I’ve tried to put textures on the server, also tried to compile the textures in the bsp. The client can still use the map and copy/paste it from the download folder.

the client has to have a copy of the map on there computer including textures the game engine don’t work any other way i.e virtual maps , the only option is to make it as hard as possible for someone to decompile it but in the end someone will find a way

People don’t want to decompile it, they want to have the map.

There’s nothing you can do about it, sorry.

I saw rp_sectorc_beta which have a file needed so you can see the entities
The file is named “rp_sectorc_beta_l_0.lmp”. If you don’t have it there isn’t any entities.

Is it map obfuscator ? And How can I do that ?

here some info i have no idea how it works so you’ll have to search google and valve wiki if you get stuck unless someone else reads this and knows what to do

ok thanks !

Another thing is making two versions of the map, One is client and the other is server side. The client version will have all server side entities removed from it. So if anyone does want to use it, theyre left with numerous missing objects.

That’s the only protection that actually works basically. The client is never in possession of the full map and unless someone with admin access to the server leaks the .lmp there is literally nothing anyone can do with the map to make it work outside of your server. You can even make actual level geometry server exclusive by making them brush entities, although for optimisation this wouldn’t be ideal.

There are probably ways you could further protect your map with Lua as well

A lot of the Lua “DRM” features can easily be removed through ent spy. The gutted client version trick is the best method. People absolutely loved it for ec2.3p and where always trying to get it to work lol.

In most cases, any map “DRM” is futile and stupid anyways. I see you’re trying to protect your assets, but its futile in the end.