Protecting The Colony - Collector troops stage a surprise attack on Shepard's team.


I hope the blur and desaturation of the background has made it look less of a clusterfuck. :v:

Scenebuild bitches:

Marry me, urbanator!

Is this a fucking scenebuild?

Why yes it is sir.


How do you get textures into the material tool? >: I still can’t solve that.

So colorful

Awesome piece.

Hi, I’m Urbanator and I’m here to crush your hopes and dreams.

Glow and lens flares.

Don’t stop being awesome.

Fuck that, I could fap to the muzzleflashes.

I really like it, great job.

Mass Effect 3? :v:

Nice posing and editing there Urbanator!

what he said

Natural posing and great editing.
Scene is awesome as hell.

Who else didn’t notice the Collector ship in the background until they looked at the scenebuild pics?
Also: WIN. (As always.)

I thought it was a skyscraper at first.

This is awesome man. Really, really awesome.

I feel like you have done better; this one seems just too busy to be appealing, in my opinion.
It looks nice, just not as nice as I am used to.

Yeah it is more clustered then what I originally planned. Got carried away. :v:
But gracias for dem comments yall!