Protector Francis explores the Capital Wasteland

Also featuring Knight Captain Bill, Initiate Zoey and Enclave Commander Louis.
Inspiration is found here: Initiate Zoey gets carried away during a search and destroy mission.

So, I just downloaded gm_atomic, and then remembered this screenie linked above, and I just had to do something related to that.

Protector Francis and two other outcasts are in combat, however with that combat experience they have, It’s no problem.
Tried some shopping on this one, comments, tips and that stuff are really welcome.

Protector Francis and (again) two other outcasts are having good lol out of Initiate Zoey’s speech, and Knight Captain Bill, once again, is not amused.
Just blurred the tree at the back.

Liberity Prime attacks Enclave Commander Louis and his troops, some of them fight till death, some just try to save their asses.
Whoops, nothing shopped on this one…

Comments, tips, tricks, blowjobs and so on.
Thanks for checking these out (and if, even better, commenting)!

Oh and, if you feel like editing any of these, feel free to.

The smoke kinda ruins the first picture, otherwise the pictures aren’t bad.

I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again:

Don’t try and run before you can walk.

You’re clearly not the best poser yet and your camera angles need work. Get the posing down and then move on to editing. If you try and learn both at once, all you’re going to do is ruin decently posed pictures with horrible editing.

edits soz but are bad and i know mine aren’t all that good

Alright sir. Will do sir. :U