Protocol-gaming Fresh Wipe. Active Admins NO HACKERS

In light of the recent influx of aimbotters and stuff we have decided to migrate to our own server. Located in New York our server will have active admins on about 20 hours of the day. We encourage all players new or experienced to join us. The server has a 200 slot maximum. We take hackusations seriously and will looking into any and all complaints. We have a team of three admins all of which have been playing for the past 3-5 months. We will not abuse any rcon commands and the only time we will use them is to investigate hackers. We will ban any first time offenders on the spot. Other than no hacking anything else goes and we encourage pvp/grouping/whatever you can think of. Hope to see you soon!

Also we will wipe if servers become too bogged down with buildings or when new content/game changes arrive. We will announce this beforehand though.

Servers going well. Got a steady 20-30 during late late night hours. Hopefully when the ddosing stops we can see some more of you in here :slight_smile: