[Protocol-gaming.net] US East vanilla 200slot PVP sleeper

Servername: #1Protocol-gaming.net NY
why play here? super active admins who don’t abuse their powers. we encourage new players as well as experienced groups to join. Wipes determined by status of the server/game. New content=wipes. Duping/exploiting will not be tolerated. Living in rocks will result in a ban

Helpful map for new players

If you need to report any cheaters or need any help go to
Website: Protocol-gaming.net(work in progress)


In anticipation of the new patch our server will wipe as soon as the patch drops. We really hope some of you give our server a chance. We have admins around about 20 hours of the day on our teamspeak so at just about anytime you can get instant support for any issues you may have. The server is ran by a couple experienced rust players. We have played on every us high pop server and each has left us feeling like something has been missing. Be it inactive admins, abusive admins, or just admins not listening to their playerbase when it comes down to a wipe being needed. You will never see us abuse the admin priveleges but we will be very active when it comes to hackusations and people abusing exploits and other stuff.

We have a group of players ready to start here and we need you guys to come fill our server. If you’re a newer player feel free to come play here and get some tips as most of us are pretty helpful over chat. If you’re part of a group we would love to have you guys come play here. We encourage raiding and don’t mind being raided ourselves. When the patch is live we won’t be grouping together unless we get a decent amount of players on here so don’t be discouraged into thinking a zerg of people runnin around stealin yo wood.

If you’re looking for an efficient, actively moderated server to start fresh on, I can guarantee that our server can provide that. The only thing missing from our server is a solid playerbase. Server location is New York and it is a pvp/sleeper.




i cant decide wether to wipe at patch or wait till launch for my guys lol. if i wipe at patch it may only be 1-2 week before launch hmmm… thoughts?

We plan on wiping for just about every content patch which this appears to be now. If you guys have a solid consistent playerbase maybe ask a few of your regulars for their thoughts. Steam launch appears to be closing in fast so waiting for that might not be a bad idea. If no new content were coming out though I would wipe simply because of the supposed duping fixes coming. Getting any duped items out of circulation is never a bad thing and players should understand that

Server updated with the latest patch with a fresh wipe.

Server’s community has been slowly yet steadily growing. As thebigpod & ChaosAnt mentioned above me, what we can offer:

*At least one Admin on around the clock for help support in game & TeamSpeak
*We are still working on our website; which should hopefully be done soon"ish"
*We will not tolerate glitching, duping, or exploiting of any fashion
*We will wipe the server ONLY for MAJOR content patches or MANDATORY patches

Quick Update

http://protocolagency.omgforum.net/ are our Temporary Forums while we finish setting up our website and forums on the website. Please feel free to visit and register there for now.

Are your servers down you are not appearing on the list ?

Server went down for 3 hours due to a corrupted world or something. Up and running now. Took awhile for the provider to help us out ;(