Prototype 2 Marine (s) model

Hey there Facepunch! I hope you are all well.
Well I got Protoyype2 and its AWEOSME! One thingg popped out to me though:
The MArines look waaaay cooler than the first game. So I was wondering:
Would anyone becable to rip these guys, make them ragdolls with posable fingers, and moveable eyes?
Thank you for your time!

do you people even bother to explore/lurk the forums before posting something like this? a few minutes or seconds of effort can make you realize that there’s a request section for this stuff

I looked and didnt find anything about the second game’s marines being ripped-all the first game-related topics have no activity due to some kind of problem aquiring the actual models.

He means there’s a request section for stuff like this.

He’s not even talking about whether or not these models exist. He’s referring to using the Requests Sub-forum to make requests, instead of flooding the main forum, which is generally used for Work-In-Progress or model\skinning help threads.

Oh…I’ve never seen that area before-I dont post topics often enough. Is there a way to move this topic in there, or do I just start all over again?

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Alright , I made a “new” version on the sub-forum.

i think you have to start over

Alrighty, Posted in sub-forum and everything. :slight_smile:

also the game isn’t out yet as far as I know

on a meaningfull platform that is

We have plenty of those already. You would know it, if you would SEARCH before posting something like this.