Prototype Alex Mercer Req?

After playing prototype I would like a prototype player model. Some Blackwatch, military, or Captain Cross player would be cool to, but I’d be happy with just Alex Mercer. if you haven’t played prototype, i really recommend you do.

I would like an Alex Mercer model as well.

alex mercer 4 life
I got mercer ripped out from the game
along with few transformations.
(whip, blade, shield, full armor)

It will take alot of work to weld and sew it togehter.
textures are currenlty missing.
Rigging will take alot of time. (from me)

Is anybody working on this? I know its a old post but Id like to see something from prototype

You don’t even know what you’re talking about do you?

um look at the date this thread whas posted

Well, i’ve ripped alex mercer with the original rig sooo no need for that

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you want me to link it here?

Look at the thread date buddy.

Okay, sorry. and just wondering, why does thread date matter?

Well because most things don’t need to be bumped, as there’s already a thread about this that you had posted on. Plus someone is already working on Alex, as it’s to be released next week.