[Prototype] Black Watch Request

Can anyone please port the HD Black Watch from the [Prototype] game?
By HD, I mean the one’s from cutscenes, because the one’s in game are really, Really, REALLY low-poly. Thanks for any response.



atualy, i believe the cutscenes are pre-rendered, and cant be ported

If that’s true, then it sucks…

Blackwatch has models in game, but they are crappy textured.
So if those would be ported, and reskinned they would be cool.

It’s not about the textures, the in-game models are low-poly. Textures are cool.

actualy, i wouldnt say low poly, they look medium poly to me


actualy, they look almost high poly


blackwatch at the right, slightly bornish soldier


better picture, to the right



thats deffinently more fingers than the hl2 citizens, thats for sure

Yeah, they -don’t- look that bad in game, actually, but who knows how they will look in Gmod.

also, i look now, the generic enemies have more detail on their pants than the main character…and its more high res…

Sorry, guy.


You’d have to create a hack that looks like them or something since recreating UV maps is way, way more trouble than it’s worth.

One word…damn…

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=90706 :science:


your in luck man, in the link, theres a gasmask swat guy who can be made to be like the black watch

why do people make such a big deal about “low Poly”

Maybe because it looks like shit, and when its on a modern game, it looks even shittier

in other worlds it would be shit mixed with winz0r on a sack

Prototype is such a fail when it comes to models

They’re not that bad. They’re bad for a 2008 game, but if it was released 2 years before I don’t think it would be as bad.

they really arent ment to be seen that close either, its a 3d game with a camera thats far away, too

And it’s also a large open area with lots of stuff going on (People walking, soldiers, helicopters, infected, Alex fucking shit up) so it would need the optimization.