Prototype Magic Carpet

Well I’m pretty bored with making all the crap i have been so I’m trying to come up with new ideas. I don’t think anything has been done like this yet, but who knows. In any case here is my magic carpet! Video link is at the bottom. HQ version will be up once processing is done.

new model will be 1/3 the thickness of this model and will have seat for pilot and full wire controls with apply force movement.

looks nice but look hard to drive it

Shining, shimmering… spleeendid!

I love it.

Good work.

that’s amazing, I love it!

Ahahaha very cool


I smell epicness.

cool. Original idea and cool concept.

at first I was gonna go. “so what the fuck, you just made a plate fly with applyforce” but then I decided to at least take a look at the vid to see if it flew nice, and it curved and shit. Real nice.
Protip though, change the pics to when it’s actually in air so that its floating around and stuff. Looks so much better than a plate with trims and materials.

A+ for cool.

I have no idea how to made it waver, looks epic anyway

Awesome original stuff there!

Bunch of props ball sockete’d to each other :3

it looks like it glides too much to be able to control it fully

other than that awesomeee :smiley:

I was expecting a PHX plate with some hoverballs on the bottom :geno:
Good job! :smiley:

Wow, that’s pretty nice actually.

A seat (even an invisible one) would kind of ruin the look I’d think. Perhaps make it move slow enough not to kill the player and try some invisible walls to keep the pilot on?

Thank god someone made something original and badass. Now make it shoot wavering lazers

That’s a cool idea, i didn’t like the idea of using a chair at all. Hmmmm i wonder if grabbers work on players, I could kinda weld myself to it. I like the idea of standing up more than sitting.

Appreciate all the comments so far, probably have this finished in a few days. I’m petty busy this weekend.

If you don’t think of anything better you could always put a ragdoll onto it with a simple camera.